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smart home integration companies

smart home integration companies We will enjoy the benefits of modern technology, the latest inventions and equipment make our daily life easier. But now, with innovative computer software and technology, home designers are taking simple conveniences to new frontiers, crafting a new paradigm for the future: the smart home.

But first, let’s get to know what smart home integration companies  are and what their exact mission is.

And how to install it through the company “Ultravision” for audiovisual.

smart home integration companies 

  • It is just an ordinary house, but every piece of electrical equipment is connected to a computer system and an intelligent operating unit. With home automation, you will no longer rely on switches or other forms of manual activation. Instead, every light bulb, every TV, and even a remote control is controlled from a computer database and has become a common practice in home design.
  • Absolute comfort. Everything in the housing can be maintained with a remote control or a laptop, it creates a lot of practical benefits. Your smart devices will know when to turn on and off, how much power is required of them, and how to maintain themselves. This is not only a useful time saver. It is also energy-saving, environmentally friendly and utility bills

What does the company offer for smart home integration companies ?

  1. Efficiency of fully centralized control for the home
  2. Full control of all home appliances and link them to the mobile
  3. Electricity control by touch, remote control and over the phone
  4. smart lighting
  5. Smart home security devices and fire alarm detectors
  6. Smart surveillance cameras with a facial and motion recognition method, whether for internal or external surveillance, as well as watching them over the phone from anywhere in the world in travel cases
  7. Control garage doors remotely while you are in the car
  8. Full control of the doors with access control devices and only allowed entry is allowed
  9. Complete control of home audio systems


smart home integration companies features

  1. It is a mixture between communication applications, software and control systems, where the various home applications are controlled (controlling electricity sources – controlling lighting – controlling and distributing sound – controlling air conditioners – controlling curtains and doors – security systems and monitoring systems – sensors and sensors ) from inside the house with installed or mobile touch screens or through smart phone devices of all kinds (Android – iPhone ) so these systems and controls are integrated to provide the homeowner with different degrees of control, safety, luxury and most importantly energy savings.
  2. Lighting control.
  3. Distribution of sound, alarm and alarm.
  4. Air conditioning control.
  5. security system.
  6. Control of home appliances.
  7. Remote control and wall screens

What are smart devices?

  1. Smart home appliances are specialized equipment programmed to run from a central system. 
  2. Any local appliance can be a smart appliance, which is sometimes delivered to the manufacturer as well, so when the oven rushes to the fritz, you can get instant notification of the problem and a repair estimate. 
  3. What can smart home appliances do? They can sense an electrical surge and can turn off their own power. It can sense water failure and power off. They know when they need defrosting, they know how long to cook your meals (some microwaves can read scan bars on food items and set their timers) and some can track expiration dates or they can create recipes based on ingredients in the cupboard. 
  4. Your home will know when it rains and close the windows for you, even if you are far away. 
  5. But the most amazing aspect of smart homes is that the possibilities are completely limitless because you can now actually communicate with your home.

Benefits of the smart home integration companies 

(1) Optimum use of energy: This feature is achieved by automatically controlling the home lighting (on – off – dimming), heating and cooling systems while you are outside the house, which leads to significant savings on energy consumption.

(2) Monitoring and controlling from anywhere: The user can monitor and control all the systems in the home through any means connected to the Internet, such as a personal computer or smartphone devices.

(3) Added value to your property: There is no doubt that the smart home system makes your property more attractive to the customer and adds to its financial value.

Is the system expensive?

  • Ultra Vision offers a suitable automation system for all levels, and the cost of the system depends on the area of your home and the system components you want to install. We will assess your home and your family’s needs to prepare the right system for you. The advantages of home automation systems, one of the most important of which is the optimal use of energy, will save energy expenditure, and this means that the system pays its cost in the long run, while increasing the value of your property and making it more attractive to buyers.



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