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smart home integration

When talking about a smart home, which has become the goal of many of us to live in a smart home that is more comfortable and luxurious for its residents, and when you decide that it is time to make your home a smart home. We look at technology and everything you need to know about smart home systems. Many years have passed, but in the end, we are witnessing the spread of the idea of ​​using smart home devices, and (Gartner Research) technology company forecast that more than 500 smart devices will be available by 2022.

But first, let’s get to know what smart home integration is and what their exact mission is, And how to install it through the company “Ultravision” for audiovisual.

What is smart home integration

Everywhere you look nowadays with all the technological advances we’re seeing, there’s some kind of smart home system. Whether you live in a thousand square feet home or dwell on the 15th floor of a high-rise building, smart home technology can add value to a home and impact your life in a positive way. And you won’t believe how many apps a smart device can have. So what’s stopping you from adding smart home systems? Perhaps you are wondering about the cost or reliability of smart technology?

What is a smart home integration? 

It is a term in homes where network-related devices are used together, to perform remote control and management of devices and systems such as lighting and heating, and to provide security and monitoring in homes. Smart home technology is also known as automated homes, where it provides homeowners with security, comfort, and energy efficiency by allowing They are controlled by smart devices, which are often installed on smartphones, tablets, and other networked devices. Smart home systems such as garage door openers and closes, alarm systems, and coffee machine timers are simple examples of smart home systems.

DIY System: 

  • There are many basic solutions for smart home systems that will secure you, and you will not need any complicated installation. One example is devices that can connect to a smart hub, somewhat similar to the brain of a system. The vast majority of them can be easily set up and all you need is a (Wi-Fi) connection. 
  • The only thing you need to make sure of is that this connection is decent; Because you will not want any glitches and connection problems leading to errors, such as not being able to turn on the lights.

What does the company offer for smart home integration?

  1. The efficiency of fully centralized control for the home
  2. Full control of all home appliances and link them to the mobile
  3. Electricity control by touch, remote control, and over the phone
  4. smart lighting
  5. Smart home security devices and fire alarm detectors
  6. Smart surveillance cameras with a facial and motion recognition method, whether for internal or external surveillance, as well as watching them over the phone from anywhere in the world in travel cases
  7. Control garage doors remotely while you are in the car
  8. Full control of the doors with access control devices, and only allowed entry is allowed
  9. Complete control of home audio systems

What are smart devices?

  • Smart home appliances are specialized equipment programmed to run from a central system.
  •  Any local appliance can be a smart appliance, which is sometimes delivered to the manufacturer as well, so when the oven rushes to the fritz, you can get instant notification of the problem and a repair estimate. 
  • What can smart home appliances do? They can sense an electrical surge and can turn off their own power. It can sense water failure and power off. They know when they need defrosting, they know how long to cook your meals (some microwaves can read scan bars on food items and set their timers) and some can track expiration dates or they can create recipes based on ingredients in the cupboard. 
  • Your home will know when it rains and close the windows for you, even if you are far away. But the most amazing aspect of smart homes is that the possibilities are completely limitless because you can now actually communicate with your home.

What is smart home technology?

 smart home integration technology is a collective term for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as used in homes we communicate over a local network.

  • smart home technology
  • Technology can be used to monitor, warn, and perform tasks according to established criteria.
  •  smart home integration also makes automatic communication with surroundings possible, via the Internet, regular fixed phones, or cell phones.
  •  smart home integration offers completely different flexibility and functionality from traditional installations and environmental control systems due to programming, integration, and modules that interact with messages delivered through the network. Where it can: control the lighting automatically, or the lights can be turned on when other things happen in the house. 
  • Environmental Control Systems Technology Environmental control systems are often operated by a remote control device, often with a single command from the user resulting in a single response from the system. 
  • Environmental control systems can be used without getting attached to smart home technology. If a network or data bus is installed, merging the two systems should be considered.

The company’s services for smart home systems

  1. Ultra Vision for Networks and Services provides the supply and installation service for all types with the longest warranty period,
  2. Contracts and maintenance services
  3. 24/7 technical support
  4. Provide spare parts



It has been clarified that you can order through us at Ultravision for smart home integration. Any special request can also be provided for you according to your desire. All you have to do is contact us on our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service, in addition to providing after-sales service.