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3 Types of touch screens

Touch Screen

touch screen

With the technological development that the world has witnessed recently and the world’s demand for modern technology, the use of touch screens  smartphones has spread, and tablets in the present era have become an essential part of our daily life

Many of us wonder how touch screens work and how the phone responds and performs the required command when touching a specific place on the screen, so we will present simply and clearly how touch screens work.

In this article, we will explain what are the uses and benefits of interactive touch screens and how to install them through Ultra Vision for audiovisual.

 touch screen

We can define it as the transparent layer that is located above the display screen in smartphones, tablets,

 Where hand movements are felt or a device pen touches are responded to.

touch screen components

  1. The upper layer is made of polyester, and this layer is covered with transparent conductive metallic paint.
  2. A layer of adhesive, placed under the top layer to fix it.
  3. A glass layer coated with a transparent conductive metallic lacquer.
  4. A layer of adhesive on the back glass increases the volume.

Touch screen uses

  1. It can be used as an advertising screen in malls, commercial and consumer complexes, medical complexes, agencies, ministries, and various exhibitions.
  2.   It operates on a Windows system and can connect directly to the Internet and has USB ports of multiple types and uses, easy movement and programming, suitable for all areas, as it’s available in various sizes and shapes that meet all customers’ needs when it comes to the purpose of using it and where they want to place it:
  • Its types are divided into:

Wall – suspended – ground (without touch) with all sizes also provided.

Touch screen specifications

The touch screen has many specifications that can be provided by Ultra Vision for audio and video services, and technical specifications, the most important of which are as follows:

  1.   The screen works on Android, Mac, and Windows.
  2.   The screen works with a Full HD 4k system, and there are 65 inches and 75 inches.
  3.   It is available in “Ultra Vision” for audiovisual services in different sizes and shapes to suit all sites, including the wall, hanging, and ground screens with an operating device with the latest modern technological capabilities.
  4.    Hard 250 GB, Ram 4 GB.

Touch screen features

  1. It helps to reach the target segment through its integrated operating system, as it provides entertainment and increases sales
  2. Enhances the brand and makes browsing easier to attract attention
  3. it’s an advertising practical tool to customers through easily updating the displayed content, and accordingly/as an outcome of that, a lot of market types benefit from them.
  4. Shopping centers, government institutions, transportation and logistics, airports, telecommunications, fairs, service centers, healthcare, hospitality services
  5. It is also an interactive digital sign that presents the modern combination of the digital and physical components of your integration.
  6.  Increases participation in any marketing offers, flights, and social media.
  7. Provides a higher level of participation.

Types of touch screens

There are three distinct types of touch screens:

  1. Resistive screen
  2. Capacitive screen
  3. Surface acoustic wave
  • Where the first type of screen depends on the presence of a special pen to deal with it or the use of fingers or any solid object, while the second one works easily with the fingers of the hand only, and it also comes from multi-touch screens (Multi-Touch) that accept the touch of two fingers at the same time. As for the third, it is clear even under the sun and is handled either with a special pen or the finger of the hand.
  • In terms of accuracy, resistive touch screens are more accurate than capacitive touch screens and require stronger pressure than capacitive screens because their response speed is lower and they do not support multi-touch. In contrast, intensive touch screens are very responsive, as just touching the screen creates a response.

 The disadvantage of intensive touch screens is that it is not possible to use a pen or any hard object, not even gloves to deal with it.

In terms of price, resistive screens are the cheapest, because their screen resolution is the lowest among other types, and their screen can be damaged if sharp tools are used. The ultrasound screen is usually the most expensive.

Touch screens use

  1. Used for remote control of home appliances as it’s possible to control electrical appliances in the home using touch screen technology, the whole system works by sending input commands from the touch screen panel via RF connection which is received at the receiver end.
  2. At the transmitter end, the touchscreen board is connected to the microcontroller through the display connector. When a region on the board is touched, the x and y coordinates for that region are sent to the microcontroller, which generates a binary code from the input.
  3. Giving this 4-bit binary data to the H12E encoder data pins that develop the serial output. This serial output is transmitted using the RF module and antenna.
  4. The RF module receives and demodulates the encoded serial data and gives this serial data to the H12D decoder, which converts this serial data into parallel data related to the original data sent from the microcontroller at the end of the transmission.
  5. The microcontroller at the receiver end receives this data and thus sends a low logic signal to the corresponding optoisolator, which in turn powers the AC TRIAC controller.

So, if you are going to buy a computer or a mobile phone with a touch screen, the first question you should ask the seller is “What type of screen is used in the device?”


At the end of this article, it has been clarified about everything related to the interactive touch screen and their most important uses, specifications, and importance, so you can request them through us at Ultra Vision for audiovisual, and we can also provide any special request for you according to your desire only All you have to do is contact us On our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service in addition to providing after-sales service.