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smart board

The 3 Types of smart board | Ultra Vision

smart board

smart board

Writing on a smart board is considered to be one of the easiest, smartest, most modernized, and most electronic ways to write. as all you need to do to write is to click with your fingers.

 If you want to enter or modify some data, it will appear on the large display screen, and this modern method has been replaced by the mouse in the computer. The smart board

is a multi-use , active interactive white board, accompanied by a set of digital pens and an electronic eraser. This white board is also connected to a computer and a projector, and a giant computer screen can also be transformed.

In this article, we will explain what are the uses and benefits of the smart board and how to install it through Ultra Vision for audiovisual.

smart board

The smart board is a white board that is used in several ways, and it’s provided with

some modern and advanced features and capabilities make it way easier to be used, as the users can write on it through a digital pen, In addition to an electronic eraser and other advanced smart accessories that come with it, It also can be connected to a computer or any other device that can be called a monitor or projector so that it can be converted into a huge electronic screen.

Types of smart board

Smart board T 880

  1. smart board, is the most common type that tops the list today in terms of interactivity, quality, and high efficiency with which it works. Despite being one of the most type not only this, but it also has some other fascinating features including the following:
  2. It has a tremendous ability to attract attention with a high degree.
  3. It also contains many extensions that facilitate the process of explanation and description.
  4. Ease of handling and visibility.
  5. The possibility of transferring information in larger quantities and in record time.
  6. It is characterized by its ability to store large amounts of information simply and easily.
  7. All of these features can be used to display and explain lessons more easily.

580w. interactive whiteboard

It is one of the best and latest versions when it comes to interaction type And it differs from others and the previous board as it has

A huge size, thus, It can help display a larger amount of information, and dealing with it is very simple because it is very sensitive to touch. many features distinguish it as following :

  1. Designed by the global company Panasonic Corporation.
  2. It is handled with a touch feature and is highly sensitive to its direction.
  3. It is easy to handle by tapping with the fingers to write or erase.
  4. It has a giant screen size of almost 86 inches.
  5. Its size is huge, but its thickness is thin, reaching 80 mm or less.
  6. Users can write on it in several ways either by touch or by electronic pens.

Hitachi Smart Board 79

smart board, It differs slightly from the previous products, and this is due to the interest in them in terms of design and manufacturing quality. It is characterized by being the latest in terms of effective and advanced technology that the world has witnessed in the recent period, but it may share many advantages similar

to the previous types as well like:

  1. The Hitachi 79 board is the latest and most advanced in terms of technology.
  2. It has been designed with high efficiency and sparkling high quality.
  3. It also has great capabilities that help deliver information faster.
  4. It can help students to understand quickly because of its easy and simplified explanation.
  5. It is used and handled by touch features.
  6. It has a large screen to display a large amount of information.

Other types of smart board

Active board 300

smart board, One of the most important recent classifications that have been put forward recently is that it does not rely on batteries like the old ones, but it is designed for modern electronic use, with reliance on smartpens and its advantages are the following:

  1. This board is characterized by containing more than three different sizes, the appropriate size is chosen according to the user’s desire.
  2. You can connect this board with your computer by radiofrequency “Active air” and it comes with 4 modern electronic pens.
  3. You can turn on a feature known as the dual-user feature for ease of teacher interaction with the student.
  4. It allows you to add it to the operating system or interact by connecting it to the display device.
  5. It has a huge 360-degree surround capability that allows the entire place to be easily viewed
  6. It is supplied with ports for USB cables and other ports for easy connection to devices.
  7. The ability to combine videos and sounds at the same time with high quality and accuracy.

Activboard 500 Pro. interactive 


  1. Where this type is designed to be a new and bright start in the world of modern distance education, it offers an advanced and important opportunity in the field of modern education in general, and this is because it has many capabilities and advantages close to students, and this is also because it is designed by a large number of Teachers for their ability to adapt in the educational room to a greater extent and ease of experimentation and application to reality. Its characteristics and advantages include the following:
  2. It is distinguished by its clear colors and simple, easy and fast movement.
  3. It increases the level of interaction activity within the educational room or even through distance education.
  4. It also contains an integrated audio system for interaction.


At the end of this article, it has been clarified about everything related to the smartboard and their most important uses, specifications, and importance, so you can request them through us at Ultra Vision for audiovisual, and we can also provide any special request for you according to your desire. All you have to do is contact us On our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service in addition to providing after-sales service.