Projection Mapping & Facade Lighting

Create High-Impact With Immersive Projection On Virtually Any Surface

Take full advantage of immersive projection mapping in any scenario, from training and familiarization to entertain or meditate or bring designs and concepts to life.

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Boosting the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Performance of Communication

Beyond creating audience engagement for business and brands or setting up cool projection and facade mapping installations at events, a 360° immersive projection can serve numerous objectives and purposes, like meditating while experiencing the relaxing lapping of ocean waves on a beach.

360° immersive facade projection mapping, much like VR (virtual reality), can be an excellent education tool for establishments such as schools, museums and universities.

Indoor And Outdoor Projection Mapping For Events, Exhibitions & Venues

Our creative experts use projectors to project images, and videos on various surfaces, such as rooms, walls, buildings, automobiles, and many other surfaces. We manipulate existing elements and give them an entirely different appearance. This kind of projection demands a certain amount of skill and hardware. This is where Ultravision Technologies comes in and perform a seamless installation process to present a memorable experience to the audience.

Our 3D mapping solutions are best suited for live shows, festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions, corporate events, business conferences, and product launches. 3D mapping can be achieved on facades or surfaces of buildings, landmarks, monuments, or natural formations. Our projection mapping is available for semi-permanent and permanent installations, like corporate buildings, public institutions, hotels, and places of worship.