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3 importance you need to know about office solutions

Ultra Vision seeks to be a distinguished figure in finding office solutions for its clients, which contribute to the speed of delivery and the quality of the output.

From this standpoint, the company has taken upon us to serve its customers and provide everything they need in the establishment of its employees’ offices from high-quality office furniture, attractive and comfortable shape, integrated office and stationery tools in all its forms and products with high quality, computers with high standards and all forms and requirements, and processing all special publications its customers, which contributes to the proper exit.

But first, let’s get to know what office solutions are and what their exact mission is.

And how to install it through the company “Ultravision” for audiovisual.

office solutions

  1. The smart office system uses advanced intelligent building technologies and equipment to improve office efficiency and office quality, improve office conditions, reduce labour intensity, and improve the scientific level of management and decision-making through the Internet and portals. Smart”. A 24-hour energy consumption monitor can monitor office energy consumption by department, region and date and perform accurate statistical analysis based on year, month and day.
  2.  Scenario-based intelligent strategies, using scenario functions, automatically adjust the working status of lighting and central air conditioning according to environmental parameters to achieve automatic control.
  3.  The remote control works 24 hours a day; managers can easily understand the power status of all equipment in the office regardless of whether they are in the office or not, and shut down all electrical equipment with one button to achieve remote management.
  4.  Multiuser authority management is divided into admin authority and normal user authority. Different office areas will also be assigned different device control authorities. Smart office system solutions will provide safe, stable, convenient, efficient and energy-saving smart office system services to office staff.

Advantages of office solutions management system

The intelligent office for enterprises can provide a comfortable and convenient working environment, effectively improve the work efficiency of employees, and lead to energy conservation, environmental protection and cost savings while improving the company’s image and demonstrating the strength of the company.

1, improve productivity

  • Companies that use smart offices perform better than companies that use traditional offices. A smart office can better motivate employees to innovate and stimulate their unprecedented creativity. In contrast, companies with robust business processes based on innovation will be simpler and more efficient.
  • Smart office solutions can process, monitor and manage all the data in the office space. Decision-makers can use the data to adjust strategic plans to facilitate interaction and communication in the office. The smart office management system provides employees with a unified platform that allows them to easily prepare their work environment and enhance their sense of honour and belonging.

2, simpler schedule management

The smart office system can easily track and manage the work schedule of the employees without wasting much time. Smart devices and automated systems can easily calculate employee schedules. As connectivity has increased, collaboration and document sharing have also been improved.

  1. Better cost control

The CEO must calculate the company’s performance based on the company’s costs and goals. Sensors and automation systems can capture data in real-time in a smart office environment. Managers can use this data to identify and improve the performance of smart offices for cost-effectiveness.

This can also be achieved through space optimization and smart office fault detection systems. Now, companies can use control software with a visual interface to manage all their smart branch office systems. For example, data collected in the last business year can be used to determine whether lighting or air conditioning needs to be modified this year to reduce overall costs.

4, piercing use analysis

  • Businesses can easily monitor and book smart meeting room usage, identifying which meeting rooms have the highest usage and which ones have the lowest. 
  • The intelligent conference system can monitor the usage status of each meeting room, each period of time, and each department in real-time, which is convenient for meeting room setup and management.
  1. Create a better work environment

  • Smart office solutions cover smart lighting, smart environment, smart curtains and other systems that control the overall office environment. By controlling the building’s heating, lighting, ventilation, water and air, employees can easily enjoy a comfortable office environment. reference to a survey by Tech Pro Research, most respondents said that smart office technology has made their work and life easier.
  1. Save time

  • The smart office solutions system for enterprises provides complete solutions for controlling space, simplifying boring daily matters. These tasks can be performed in a short time so that employees can complete more useful work.
  1. Better attractiveness and better employee retention

  • A good work environment helps in attracting and retaining talented employees for a long time. Smart office solutions aim to provide organizations with such an environment to help them retain outstanding employees.

intelligent office management system solution function

The Smart office solutions Control System works with every smart device to provide a convenient and seamless smart office experience. These technologies have the power to transform every object in the building into living digital objects, which can automatically read and interact with current conditions. Therefore, waste can be reduced, efficiency and productivity improved, and at the same time, a more satisfying work experience can be provided to internal employees.

 lighting control

  1. The intelligent lighting system can automatically control the lights through human body induction and voice control. In necessary places, the lights are on when people come, and the lights go out when people go. There is no need to operate the switch manually, which does not allow employees to work-life more conveniently, energy is saved, and the company’s expenses are reduced.



It has been clarified that you can order through us at Ultravision for office solutions. Any special request can also be provided for you according to your desire. All you have to do is contact us on our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service, in addition to providing after-sales service.