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led projectors

the 3 of led projectors Features

Led Projectors

led projectors

It is a built-in file viewer that allows direct playback of office and multimedia files from mini memory cards and flash drives.

With HDMI and A/V connectivity port making HD cinema in the palm of your hand.

Watch matches with great cinematic pleasure or play games and watch movies with unparalleled cinematic pleasure at home, in the office, or even in the camp.

Project any content, whether videos or photos, anytime and anywhere with this compact projector that has a great picture, so it is ideal for travel and on the go, with the ability to display images up to 60 inches.

In this article, we will explain what are the uses and benefits of the led projectors and how to install them through Ultra Vision for audiovisual.

led projectors

  • led projectors, screens, and all devices that help display any content more and clearer have become the most sought-after products for everyone, especially after what happened in the world in the recent period and the crises that forced the world to turn education in most countries into e-learning.
  • Ultra Vision 4K UHD DLP-led projectors provide a commercial digital cinema presence experience, creating cinematic color and contrast quality of 8.3 million ultra-clear pixels without the associated panel effects.

led projectors Features

  • Perfect true 4K UHD resolution of 8.3 million pixels
  • The X12000 uses DLP 4K UHD DMD’s 4.15 million micro-mirror systems and dual-position XPR driver fast switching, all the way to the CTA’s 4K UHD specification, achieving a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with 8.3 million unique pixels per frame.
  •  With a 4K UHD quality that is four times higher than full 1080p, it reduces pixel noise for stunning clarity and crystal-clear detail.

Image integrity and color accuracy

  • With single DMD DLP technology dedicated to avoiding alignment issues inherent in multiple panels, the X12000 delivers image integrity and color accuracy, especially with superior 4K pixels that are much smaller than 1080p pixels.
  • The X12000 led projectors the create crystal-clear images and accurate colors without distortion, such as blur, shadows, and interference patterns, to ensure crystal clear clarity.

Sleek and airy front fascia design

  • The sleek, simple, and airy front-end design of the X12000 makes it suitable for discreet installation in the ceiling, discreetly, in a closet, or inside walls. The minimalist design blends in with any existing interior and provides flexible installation opportunities.

4K Enhanced Lens for Ultra Clarity

  • With a class-leading lens body, the Optical Engine is specifically engineered for stunning 4K image quality, delivering True Zoom functionality and delivering the best viewing experience with flawless visuals.

True Zoom Ultra HD and Focus Sync

  • The X12000’s True Zoom system adjusts automatically to follow focus adjustments and optimizes the zoom rate to provide flawless optically perfect focus.
  •  The three focus lens groups adjust simultaneously with the zoom lens assembly to neutralize any curved field to deliver flawless cinematic performance and superior clarity in all corners of the image.

Flawless optics for great picture quality

  • The BenQ 4K optical system uses the finest quality glass to provide the best light penetration and photo-realistic quality.
  •  Exclusive low-dispersion lens hoods reduce chromatic aberration so you can enjoy your favorite 4K UHD content in stunning clarity.

Shift the lens for optimal portrait offset

  • The lens shift feature allows images to be moved up and down or from side to side without sacrificing image quality for easy setup or installation.

Features and specifications of the projector

  1. Standard Resolution: 320×240 pixels
  2. Supports high definition 1080 x 1920 pixels
  3. TFT LCD technology: long lasting – no need to change the lamp
  4. Aspect Ratio Control (Picture): 4:3
  5. Signal Input Compatibility – Digital HDMI: 1080p/1080i/720p/480p
  6. Multilingual menu
  7. Brightness: 400-600 Lumens
  8. High brightness up to 400-600 lumens (high mode) and a high contrast ratio of 800:1
  9. Compact, strong, and lightweight for home or anywhere you like
  10. Ideal for presentations in small meeting rooms as a portable music player for photos and videos or with game consoles with an HDMI cable

Other features of the led projectors

  1. led projectors, You can connect speakers via Bluetooth 4.0 for exciting sound without wires
  2. led projectors, Provides built-in USB 3.0 and 2.0 to instantly play movies, music, and videos without the need for a separate computer or Blu-ray player, just plug in a flash drive.
  3. The power and accuracy of the display are displayed by the led projectors.
  4. The distance over which the device can project.
  5.  Intensity and brightness of the device.

List of the best projectors for home cinema in 2021

  1. Samsung The Premiere 4k projector

  • This device is considered one of the best home projectors, as Samsung recently launched the premiere LSP9T home projector, which provides a wonderful 4k HDR laser show in addition to a three-color laser show.
  •  Thus, you will not need a color filter to get a good view, as the three-color display makes the brightness more brilliant and clear, resulting in an image full of bright and vivid colors, and this device supports HDR10 + format, which can add great image parameters, making the scene distinct, whether for movies or TV shows.
  •  You can turn this projector into a smart TV so that it runs the same operating system as Samsung TVs, but it may be a bit slow.
  1. LG CineBeam HU80KSW 4K Projector

  •  It is a fully cinematic home projector that can display in 4K HDR, and this device comes with an all-in-one system so that you can control it more than your Smart TV.
  •  This projector is characterized by that it contains everything from the speakers to the device and the power plug that is used in the projection process.
  •  Through this device, you can also do live broadcasts on any of the applications through the built-in LG platform, and it also contains Harman Kardon speakers that give you the basic sound quality.


At the end of this article, it has been clarified about everything related to the led projectors and their most important uses, specifications, and importance, so you can request them through us at Ultra Vision for audiovisual, and we can also provide any special request for you according to your desire. All you have to do is contact us On our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service in addition to providing after-sales service.