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data show projector

What is data projector? the best 6 Features

A data show projector is a video and image display device that creates enlarged images for a clearer view, and there are many of these devices that differ in the way the image is produced, but they share the way they work and their basic components.

In this article, we will explain in detail each technology separately and what are the uses and benefits of data show projector

And how to install it through the company “Ultravision” for audiovisual.

data show projector

What is Data show projector

  • It is a machine that enlarges the outputs of a computer, video device, television, or even DVD device to a display screen of different sizes according to the purpose. Or from receivers, video cameras, or document cameras.
  • The device is connected with a group of devices such as a computer, video, television, or optical display devices, digital and cameras, and others.
  • With HDMI, S-video, computer, and display input connections, the data projector can easily connect to a wide range of digital multimedia devices, opening the doors to business and pleasure.

Device names

There have been many different labels given to this device due to the multiplicity of capabilities that it is characterized by, in addition to the continuous attempts by the companies producing this type of technology to add more capabilities, so we will review, for example, but not limited to some of the names of the data display device, as the following :

  1. Data Show Projector device.
  2. Video Projector.
  3. Multimedia display device.

Data show projector Features

Data show projector Features

1- Projector Resolution

And it is measured in pixels, the more pixels, the more content you can display and a clearer picture. For practical use, the appropriate and widespread resolution is 1024 x 768. There are some models with a resolution of less than 800 x 600. For entertainment use, you want a higher resolution, and you may be interested in a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and higher. 

2- Projector Brightness

  • Brightness is important in a data show projector, the higher the brightness, the more clearly you can see the display in a well-lit room.
  • Room size also plays a role in the issue of brightness, the larger the room and the farther away from the viewers, the better the brightness. The most important brightness in a data show projector is measured in “ANSI Lumens”

3- Projector Contrast Ratio

  •  The contrast ratio is the difference between the highest degree of blackness and the highest degree of whiteness. The higher the contrast, the clearer the image details.
  •  The contrast ratio is written as 1000:1, and the numbers range from 500:1 to 7000:1 and higher.

4- projector bulb

  • One of the costly things about a data show projector is the need to change the light bulb now and then, and the bulb is expensive. So look at the age of the bulb in the data show projector you are going to buy.

5- The projector screen

  • There are several ways to display the content of a projector, the simplest and least expensive is to display it directly on a white wall.
  • The second option is the small portable screen, which is suitable for those who always move with the projector, as you can install the screen anywhere easily.
  • The third option is the installed wall screen, where a large white screen is installed on the wall. Do not forget to calculate the cost of the screen when purchasing a projector, as the screens are sold separately and sometimes cost more than the projector itself, especially the large wall screens.

6- projector ports

Look carefully at the ports of the data show projector and what external devices are supported by most of the projectors that provide the traditional RGB port for the computer. If you are interested in having more ports, pay attention to them: What are the audio ports supported by the projector? What are things other than a computer? Are you going to play DVD movies on the projector? So it must have DVD ports. Do you want to connect the home audio system to the projector? So study port compatibility.

How to use the Data Show, follow these steps:

  1.  Remove the projector lens cover.
  2.  Plug the power cord into the projector’s power input.
  3.  Plug the power cord on the other end and the power light will turn orange, indicating that the device is on and in standby mode.
  4.  Clicking the power button on the projector, or using the remote control until the light turns green and the device heats up.
  5. The color will turn to solid green without flickering, please don’t look at the lens at the moment.
  6. Turn on the computer or video device connected to the projector.

Data Show Working Principle

 As for the principle of its work, the data projector contains an internal lamp that is a source of the light flux, which passes through the optical system, and then the flux is divided according to the light projection of three colors:

  1. Red, blue and green, then enters the modulator ie liquid crystal matrix, or micro-mirror matrix depending on the type of device, creating a pixel structure that is later formed in the form of an image.
  2. Then the control unit receives the signals from the image source.
  3.   Then you set the orientation of the adjustment matrix.
  4.   The lens then combines the different color streams according to the principle of focus to form a single image on the screen.

Data Show Types

 As for the types of data display devices, they are as follows:

  1.  LCD: liquid crystal display.
  2.  DLP: Digital Light Processing.
  3.  LED: a light-emitting diode.


At the end of this article, it has been clarified about everything related to data show projector, their most important uses, specifications, importance, and what are its distinct features, so you can order them through us at Ultravision for audiovisual services. Any special request can also be provided for you according to your desire. All you have to do is contact us on our numbers or by leaving a comment so that our team will contact you immediately with 24-hour service, in addition to providing after-sales service.

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