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Every Command and control center is unique. Thoughtful preparation and a careful understanding of the processes and workers operating in the center will guarantee the right design.

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Regardless of the businesses, command & control centers should provide your operators with critical insights into business assets that workers can act upon. Whether it’s a control center that draws in real-time social channels data, track systems across the business, or empowers you to observe and control asset research, we fuse our experience and knowledge to serve the environment you need.

Ultravision Technologies has extensive expertise in designing command and control centers for corporations in the private and public sectors. Our end-to-end audiovisual solutions deliver on every aspect of your command center’s environment

A Fully Customisable Solution To Complement Your Organization's Nature

Command and Control Center is the heart and core of network management. Our solution includes a fully working control room that enables manipulation of all audiovisual controls and environments, both software and hardware, set backstage to your presentation space. It joins the communication network between lecture theatre, conference spaces and others; contributes room-to-room connectivity at a touch of a button.

The solution will empower complete audiovisual communication, available for long haul transmission of high-resolution video for collaborative conference sessions or video conferencing meetings.