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Delivering Networked AV Technology To Large Conference Venues

Managing live events in auditoriums and multipurpose halls is usually a complicated and tedious task, but the most advanced networked audiovisual technologies can present extra impressive and more comfortable conduct.

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Create Events That Impress, With Robust Control Integration

Ultravision Technologies helps implement all-digital, networked AV technology that enables centralized control over lights, sound systems, projectors, and video conferencing systems which provides smooth execution of events.

We begin with the auditorium sound system design & integrate elements like large projection screens, lighting administration, control systems, and video conferencing that allows more consistent management of a wide variety of sub-systems. By deploying customized auditorium speaker systems with the appropriate speaker placement, our sound engineers ensure uniformly distributed sound with robust noise control, including vibration isolation, to reduce the impact of outside & mechanical noises.

Designing A Flawless Auditorium AV Integration For Businesses

Auditoriums are large event places that serve the hosts to halls and other events for corporations with numerous employees at a single location. Due to their capacity, the modern auditorium incorporates professional sound systems and video delivery systems with multiple screens.

Ultravision Technologies leverages experience working with a broad spectrum of customers and technologies to design auditoriums that genuinely work for all users. We actively cross-pollinate technologies and concepts from the boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, multipurpose halls and incorporate the most suitable into the auditorium, which is a hybrid of all these things.

All auditorium PA systems are distinct in their specific needs, but the goals are identical. The speaker or instructor needs to engage with the audience and have the right tools to visualize and communicate their ideas and concepts. The audience needs to be able to see and hear the teacher, absorb the information, and take the relevant information away with them.