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Types of audiovisual communication

Audiovisual Communication


Audiovisual and moving images are very vulnerable because they can be fast and deliberately destructive. Our audio-visual heritage, an essential symbol of the twentieth century, can be irretrievably lost as a result of neglect, natural degradation, and technological obsolescence. Public awareness of the importance of preserving these recordings must be engaged, and World Day for Audio-visual Heritage aims to be a platform for building global awareness.

In this article, we will explain in detail each technology separately and what are the uses and benefits of audio-visual.

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Where it means the communicative type that seeks to use visual and audio effects together, and focuses on a set of necessary elements, which contribute to highlighting the media and audiovisual communication contents, such as:

  1. Show movement in the news event. 
  2. Lengthening the time for the presentation of events.
  3. Work on combining sounds and visual effects at the same time. 
  4. Presentation of the most important news events presented. 

It is necessary to focus on that audio-visual communication seeks to create a set of influential media messages, which differ from the means that are presented in printed press institutions, so that the focus is on a set of points that include meanings and symbols and how to build and install news elements within Audio-visual communication.

What is audio-visual?

  • Where the audiovisual communicator seeks to create some symbols, which contribute to making the recipient fully prepared to receive and receive audio-visual media messages, with the importance of focusing on human content and societal concerns that are closely related to the media environment, as it seeks to pay attention to realism. and objectivity during the preparation of the audio-visual media message, so that the use of software that seeks to measure behavioral variables in a positional and preliminary manner.
  • There is a strong relationship between audio-visual communication means and media technology, which affects societies that follow capitalist regimes, in addition to its impact on the accumulated media experiences; So that this effect is positive and influential on the target audience.
  • Video games are considered by many to be an audio-visual art form, with some combining graphic creativity with rich and deep narration, music, and orchestrated scenes from the cinematic field.

Types of technology affecting audio-visual communication

 degree of control:

 Where it means the technology that is classified according to the degree of control, as it is divided into:

  1. Differentiation technology: It means technology that is owned by one media organization or a group of media and industrial organizations.
  2.   Basic technology: It means the technology that belongs to the industrial establishments so that it has the right to control the transmission and reception of audio-visual media messages.


Where it means the classification that focuses on dividing technology according to the topic that is addressed in the audio-visual media messages, and the most important of these divisions are:

  1.   production method technology.
  2.    information technology.
  3.   design technology.
  4.   Management technology.

The historical origin of audio-visual

  • The term audio-visual refers to the various organs in which human hearing and vision are jointly involved. Sometimes the noun picture and sound are used to refer to the audio-visual world.
  • Audio-visual media began to be debated in the late 1920s when films were no longer silent. Since the 1950s, television has become a medium of mass communication and the concept of audiovisual language has been coined, in which audible and visual perception is simultaneous.
  • The audio-visual language of cinema was initially conceived for entertainment, but in a few years it proved its potential as a propaganda tool, and both the Soviet Union and the United States encouraged cinema for political purposes.
  • The audiovisual industry was born in Hollywood, and since the 1920s it has not stopped developing through large film studios.

Training in the audio-visual world

Many young people are attracted to studies related to image and sound, that is, to the audiovisual world. Usually a higher technical degree or a degree in audiovisual communication. Students should learn about topics such as 3D animation, interactive environments, image processing, audiovisual production, audiovisual documentation, and image culture, among others. The field of audiovisual studies includes fields such as radio, film, television, and photojournalism.

  1. Audiovisual language is understood as that which is transmitted through the senses of hearing and sight. Television, the Internet, and cinema are examples of audiovisual events. The combination of sound and image is known as a montage.
  2. On the other hand, audiovisual communication is the exchange of messages that use a language that combines audio and visual information.
  3. By simultaneously receiving sound and image, a new sensory reality is created that involves the implementation of different mechanisms, such as integration (each provides different things), reinforcement (meanings are enhanced), and harmony (each sound corresponds to an image).
  4. One of the advantages of audiovisual content over textual content, in terms of educational materials, is that it brings the student closer to certain concepts that are difficult to imagine without any graphic reference; Far from hindering your ability to think for yourself, it gives you a broader perspective, from which you can take countless different paths.
  5. Some subjects, such as mathematics and literature, do not necessarily benefit from this type of content; However, natural sciences, history, and music, among others, can use videos to capture information in a more powerful way, avoid interferences that can cause misinterpretations, and awaken a career more than a student who first saw a blue whale swimming free in the ocean, or a philharmonic orchestra Performing a gem of romantic music.


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